Million Ninja has started YouTube! The name of the ninjutsu is Million Cutter.


Hello everyone, this is Million Ninja! I started YouTube on November 1, 2023! Please take a look, hit the like button, subscribe to the channel, and leave a good comment!

Prepare to Be Amazed: Real Ninja and Comedian Unleash Shocking Ninjutsu

Legendary ninja Million Ninja, who is rumored to have a million different ninjutsu, will perform his ninjutsu “KATA” funny!
Today’s ninjutsu is Million Cutter, and it is said that no one has prevented that technique!

Chapter list (table of contents)
00:00 Start position of Million Ninja video
2:18 Today’s Ninpo explanation “Million Cutter”
3:00 Ninja Practical (KATA)
4:22 How was today’s ninjutsu video?

The theme of my videos is to convey the ninja’s “KATA”, so they tend to have similar content, but I try to make sure that you can enjoy them all. Even if it’s a video with the same lines, I try to shoot everything new instead of reusing it, and I’m trying to make sure that the viewers can enjoy it. Thank you very much.

This video has been translated into many languages, so please enjoy it!