MillionNinja Profile


Nickname : MillionNinja

Name : Setsuna Watanabe

Birthplace : Chiba Prefecture

Hometown : Tokyo

Second hometown : 28 years in Tokyo, 5 years in Mie, 3 years in Osaka, 3 years in Chiba, and currently living in Tokyo.

Birth date : March 25, 1970

Height : 173 cm

Weight : 65 kg

Occupation : Ninja

“Yaoyorozu Shinninryu Ninjutsu” (Eight million gods ninja style ninjutsu) -master

Number of Master Ninjutsu : Over a million

Special skill : curse · animal ninjutsu  (spirit possession) ・possession ninjutsu

Haunt area : around the Imperial Palace, Asakusa, Ueno, Shibuya, Harajuku and others

Side job : Contemporary Art Artist・Comedian・Actor・guard・choreographer・musician・History researcher

Hobby : Create new ninjutsu. walking in historical places.

Note : Injured during a recapture operation on XX Island in 2009 and lost some of his memory

Goal :My goal for the rest of my life is to see how many people I can take pictures with. I will do my best to aim for 1 million people in total!

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Hello everyone! My nickname is MillionNinja. I'm not a Minion Ninja. I'm challenging myself to take pictures with as ...